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  • Modena WET

    Modena WET renews the beam/wash moving head with its 7 x 60W RGBW LEDs providing luminous flux of 6,650 lumen, its zoom range from 5.5 to 53° and its 3 cooling modes. It is Flicker Free and Pixel to Pixel to generate patterns, both through internal programs and external DMX, ArtNet or KlingNet management. Quiet ventilation modes. BC Color System is an innovative color management system giving ...

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  • Daytona WET

    Daytona WET is a beam/wash moving head with its 19 x 60W RGBW LEDs. Fast and powerful, providing a luminous flux of 21,100 lumen, Daytona WET offers a zoom range from 4,3° to 58° and 3 cooling modes. Its 19 LEDs can be managed independently (pixel to pixel) but also with patterns thanks to its internal generator and also features a halogen mode simulating the effect of a filament lamp. Daytona ...

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  • Baracca 360 WET

    The latest addition to the IP65 beam projectors range, Baracca 360 has a 260W laser source. Thanks to its 145 mm lens, Baracca 360 provides an illumination over 190,000 lux at 20m for an aperture of 1.7° and produces an extremely present beam in space. Baracca 360 incorporates a CYM trichromatic color system, a 17 colors wheel, a 19 fixed gobos wheel, 2 combinable prisms and a frost. Its ...

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  • Enzo WET

    Enzo is equipped with a 550W LED source developing a maximum flux of 28,110 lumen and a zoom of 5.5° to 45°. Enzo offers all the necessary tools to unleash the creativity of designers, such as: CMY color mixing, progressive CTO filter, a 7 colors wheel, 7 rotating gobos, 8 fixed gobos, an animation wheel, a 3 facets circular prism, a 5 facets linear prism, an iris, one heavy frost, one medium ...

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