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Aquila 1240HD is a tilt bar equipped with  12 x 40W OSRAM RGBW LEDs . It has 2 in-dependent zooms from 4.5 to 35 degrees which, combined with the many internal effects including pixel mode control, will al-low you to freely express all your creativity for original and impressive effects.

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Solar 1050

Worthy successor of the famous T8 bars, here is SOLAR 1050, the new high power LED bar equipped with 10 white/amber COB LEDs of 50W. Thanks to its advanced management, you will automatically simulate the behavior of halogen lamps, both in terms of inertia and color temperature

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A range of architectural lighting products to match your projects

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  • Magic Miss election

    The Arena Stade Couvert in Liévin hosted the Miss Nord Pas-de-Calais election this weekend. The 14 title contenders marched on the theme of cinema. In front of an exceptional jury and 2,800 captivated spectators, the winner will represent the region in the national Miss France 2022 contest.

    A very beautiful scene where the candidates followed one another, highlighted by a design of Vincent Nackaert for Samedi Soir Production, with the technical sound, light and video means of Stienne Production, which deployed their new Starway projectors with 24 Aperta and 24 Modena.

    The new Starway automatics won us over with their small size, lightness and exceptional brightness. We replaced our old Starway beams with the new Aperta, giving us even more power and trichromy. As for the Modena, we like their zoom opening which allows us to wash / beam freely”, Eric Stienne, manager of Stienne Production.

    Starway, the magic of light...

  • Batteries of light

    20 meters under the cobblestones of Arras, the Quarry of Wellington is a place steeped in memory and emotion. During the First World War, thousands of soldiers were stationed there, a few meters from the front line, before setting out on April 9, 1917 in the Battle of Arras. A symbolic place often used by the local Tourist Office, as a few days ago, where guests of a CAC40 business seminar were invited to walk through 500 meters of galleries to their reception room installed in the underground quarry of Bleinheim.

    Maneuvering to illuminate the accesses and the various rooms of the quarry, One Event Live has deployed a great array of Starway battery-powered projectors: 48 EarthKolor, 24 WindKolor and 26 BoxKolor UHD in the galleries for an exceptional lighting, plus 4 CityKolor 5410 HD in the reception room.

    "When it comes to highlighting exceptional places that are particularly difficult to access, we never hesitate to use our Starway battery powered spotlights. They give us the full range of power needed to showcase all places, from the most intimate to the most majestic, while protecting us from the constraints of a mains power supply", the technical team of One Events Live.

    Starway, complete autonomy...

  • A little paradise

    Located in the "Var", in "Six-Fours-les-Plages", the island of Embiez is a land of paradise. Renowned for its verdant nature, its coves, its wild creeks and its protected ecosystem, the island of Embiez is also an emblematic place that offers the necessary infrastructure for the organization of any type of professional or private event. 

    The provider LBC Pro often takes care of events organized on the island, such as here for a company seminar that organized an outdoor DJ party. Lighting that was deliberately economical in terms of the number of machines energized the dance floor with 8 Dino and 8 Modena from Starway. 

    In addition to their compact size, like our Dinos, essential here for easy installation, we appreciated the great versatility of our new Modena. Their zoom, which allows a wide focal opening angle, their speed and their power allow a great creative freedom, while offering a great economy of means for reasoned services”, Boris Brincat, manager of LBC Pro.

    Starway, in paradise...

  • Perfect tribute

    So Floyd Tribute brings a new dimension to the demanding exercise to honor the famous British band. The all-live show perfectly recreates the sonic and visual magic that contributed to Pink Floyd's stage success.

    A production that begins its activity with two great performances at the Arènes de Frejus and the Zenith in Toulon. Designed, produced and produced by PAN POT, it reflects all their artistic and technical know-how. The lighting impresses with a gigantic ring which hosts 36 Aperta by Starway on its perimeter, and in its center, depending on the scenes, a video projection image or a StarPanel LED screen.

  • A summer in Marseille

    For the second edition of "L’été Marseillais", the city of Marseille offered even more events and pedestrianized part of the Old Port. During the months of July and August, the Quai du Port et de la Fraternité, as well as the Place Bargemon, allowed Marseillais and visitors to stroll in peace between the Ombrière and the Saint-Jean Fort.

    To reinforce the existing urban lighting and enhance the spaces, the municipality called on the service provider Mediacom. The chosen solution was deployed in the form of 35 x 5.50 m high totems, dressed in the colors of the event and equipped in all with 24 ToneKolor 4406HD and 11 StormLite HD from Starway.

    "On this service, we selected Starway products, which perfectly met the energy saving requirements and obtaining a beautiful warm white desired by our customer. Thanks to their particularly high lighting level, we were able to manage all the spaces with a single projector per totem, with total reliability ", Eric Algoud, manager of Mediacom.

    Starway, summer light...

  • Negotiations in live

    Having become the unmissable event for students, professionals and teachers who share the same passion for sales, Les Négociales, whose reach now extends internationally, was exceptionally held this year at the Palais des Congrès in Nancy. That is to say more than 80 virtual rooms relayed in multiplex during 3 days of negotiations to elect the best negotiators.

    Welcoming juries and partner companies, the Negociales platform was installed and operated entirely by Ovation, service provider of the event for sound, light, video recording and streaming. An impressive management of video streams, while guaranteeing a beautiful image thanks to Starway lighting: 8 Dino, 12 Servo Color 4K, 8 Callisto, 8 Dynakolor, 6 PcKolor DW and 12 BoxKolor UHD

    Dino, associated with Servo Color 4K, allowed us to obtain a very nice rendering to the image. Their very precise zoom allowed us to easily focus the speakers on the set. They also managed all the dynamic animations for the enhancement of the highlights of the live  event", Vincent Albiser, manager of Ovation.

    Starway, without compromise...

  • Like masters!

    Coldplayed is the story of four friends, Coldplay fans, who once challenged themselves to pay tribute to them. They founded their first French tribute band by recreating in great detail the same atmosphere as that of their idols' concerts, offering the public all the magic of a spectacular show of great musical quality.

    To realize the lighting design of Maxime Ducamps, service provider 2MTS proposed a 100% Starway light kit composed of 8 Dino, 12 Servo BWS 20R, 12 Servo Pix 10K, 10 Servo Color 4K, 8 SuperKolor HD, 2 Stronglite HD and 8 Floodite 650, complemented by a StarPanel LED display.

    "Thanks to the great diversity of projectors in our Starway park, we were able to provide all the solutions to meet the needs of the show. The BWS 20Rs were particularly effective here with their projection of gobos on the architecture of the Town Hall, creating a very beautiful backdrop. And our brand new Dino shone with their exceptional rendering and ease of use thanks to their low weight and their single-tube base. A test move that turns into a masterstroke throughout the tour ", Marcel Martin, manager of 2MTS.

    Starway, in the spotlight...

  • A bunch of beams

    On July 14, the city of Cambrai paid homage to General de Gaulle this year. Remaining one of the few fireworks fired in the city center, this is an opportunity to highlight the Town Hall with architectural lighting of the building and volumetric lighting accompanying the pyrotechnic show.

    In charge of the lighting creation and performance, Adic'Son chose Starway for an ultra efficient kit: 12 Servo Beam 5R installed on the balcony of the town hall produced the volumetric effects, while 18 Ariane 1430 FC bars managed full lighting of the building.

    "While the essential Servo Beam 5R is no longer to be presented, we were really blown away by the new Ariane LED bars. With plenty of power and a truly uniform solid color, we only needed 18 machines to light the entire building. In addition, the possibility of cascading them simplifies the wiring, so that you can be ready to go in less than an hour ", Jean-Marie Lemaire, lighting designer at Adic’son.

    Starway, full fire...

  • Luxurious autonomy

    The Château de Tilly in the Eure charms its visitors and offers top-of-the-range services. Completely renovated, it offers 4 luxurious and unique spaces, distributed in the castle and in its orangery for the organization of events, seminars and weddings.

    Regular provider of the castle, LS Events took advantage of the beauty of the place to do a magnificent inspirational shoot on the Starway projectors that it regularly uses for its enhancement: the LiciaKolor excel in the lighting of terraces and stairs and the EarthKolor, here installed on a stand, fully reveal the space of the orangery.

    Starway battery powered floodlights are our favorite spotlights in those places where the need for cabling is essential. We offer our Liciakolor with three tube sizes. Its chrome case blends in with any décor and its column effect is ideal for red carpet arrivals or enhancing terraces or stairs. For architects, the power of Earthkolor allows you to color large spaces with a reduced number of machines ”, Dylan Rozay, Managing Director of LS Events.

    Starway, in complete freedom...

  • Beams at the campsite

    The 4-star "Domaine du Collet" campsite, located near Pornic, offers its customers a different, specific and high-end quality of stay. In this vast property where a body of water, meadows and woods form an original landscape flirting with sand dunes and the Atlantic see, a space dedicated to shows hosts daily festive events.

    To transform this old barn of 400 m2, Make It Event has proposed a simple but ultra efficient light bundle. A few mirror balls and 6 Starway Servo Beam 5R projectors are more than enough to create a club atmosphere that is very popular with holidaymakers. A wi-fi controllable DMX E-Board 1024 MKIII box allows the management of the different lighting programs according to the animations.

    “The Servo Beam 5R has been one of our favorite Starway projectors for many years. Very reliable, we appreciate its power and the very good definition of its beam. This is undeniably the best value for money for installations like this ”, Matt Richard, Project Manager at Make It Event.


    Starway, magic stars...

  • Very real illusions

    L'Héritier de l'Illusion is THE magic festival in France organized by S2A productions. Due to the pandemic, its fourth edition in 2021 turned into an impressive live streaming event in which 7 artists competed in front of an exceptional jury.

    If the illusion is in the spotlight, the magic is also on the set thanks to the many technologies and XR filming means. What could be better than augmented reality to highlight the illusion, if not an exceptional lighting with a demonstration of automatics, bringing together Aperta and Dino from Starway for a magical light.

    “In this room without a spectator, we needed to create a luminous dynamic on the stage but also in place of the absent audience, to animate the shots of the jury. Nothing better than Aperta for this. This latest Starway LED beam is light, ultra economical and very efficient with precise beams and very beautiful colors. It was therefore easy to install and multiply”, Arthur Oudin, lighting designer.

    Starway, become a magician...

  • Stars Screen

    With a beautiful and solid team of professional artists and technicians and in close collaboration with Yann Dubois and his event production company Undershow, the Ambre 9 orchestra, under the direction of Franck Ocana, is a major player in dance evenings and variety shows in the Paris region and throughout France, for over 25 years. 

    During the filming of their last promotional clip, Yann Dubois and his team deployed a LED wall made up of Starway StarPanel modules, installed on totems and platforms, as a backdrop, creating a 3-dimensional decor with infinite possibilities and breathtaking rendering, both live and in photo and video. The lighting was completed in particular by Servo Spot 15K and Servo Beam 2R moving heads.

    Some time before the pandemic, we were lucky enough to be able to test our LED wall during our last 'Disco Live Fever' show as well as for the shooting of our new promotional clip. We were totally won over by the high image quality and the modularity of the screen which perfectly dresses and sublimates the scenes, from the most humble to the largest. We can't wait to get back on board soon and further explore all the possible configurations and the exceptional potential of our StarPanel », Yann Dubois, manager of Undershow

    Starway, the magic of screens...

  • Gypsy lights

    The Gipsy Band is a group of seven gypsy musicians from Rouen. Very popular in the Normandy region, they perform on numerous stages in France and abroad and are about to release their third album, arranged and produced by the masters of gypsy music.

    In order to anticipate the scenic activity which will soon restart intensively, the group calls on the company Elecson of the EnScène Group for the production of its new show. For this, a light show was designed mainly around a Starway kit, versatile and efficient, capable of adapting to any type of room. It includes 9 automatic Dino projectors, 8 Servo Color 4K, 4 Maxi Vega and 12 Callisto.

    Among all the Vega, it is the Maxi that we fell in love with. It imposes his presence on stage and that's what we appreciate. It fills the space, makes a very strong vintage impact, and we use it as much for effects, lighting or as a blinder. As for the Dino, it impresses us with its power in an ultra compact housing. Its colorimetry is perfect with powerful reds, super versatile, we use it everywhere ”, Guillaume Thuillier, technical light director at Elecson.

    Starway, do your show...

  • A maximum of studio concerts

    When the old studio at the Kodak factory in Chalon-sur-Saône is transformed into a real live streaming studio thanks to the video resources of Constance Production, it becomes the ideal place to do concerts, like the concert of Little Max produced by BigMax Creation production.

    To materialize the scene in this relatively small space, the sound and light provider Perfect Live has mainly chosen Starway to provide lighting adapted to the constraints of video, with 8 Vega and 4 Ariane LED bars for stage decoration, as well as SuperKolor HD color changers for the front stage.

    Our Vega are particularly suitable for this type of service which is increasingly regular at the moment. Much easier to manage and above all much more impactful than traditional projectors, their aesthetics make it possible to obtain a very beautiful rendering to the image. Like the Ariane, their power is also an asset for producing beautiful colors on the screen”, Julien Poitoux, manager of Perfect live. 

    Starway, maximum effect...

  • Quite a menu!

    At the center of the wellknown flea market of Villeurbanne, the restaurant Oscar is reinventing itself a new life by transforming its seminar space into a TV set. Artistic performances, corporate seminars, shows and games, the menu is big.

    To make it a studio dedicated to Live streaming, the sound, light and video provider VSS has deployed all its know-how. Special care is taken in shooting with careful lighting, thanks to the use of Starway Orion and BoxKolor UHD projectors.

    We love the Orion’s lighting capabilities. This atypical projector brings a beautiful presence in the scenographies. The independent control of each of its lamps and its vintage effect immediately creates a beautiful decor with few machines. In addition to the BoxKolor UHD, which we can place discreetly, we create in a few minutes a beautiful universe of shooting”, Benjamin Blanc, director of VSS.

  • All on battery

    It was a few months ago in an abandoned garage on rue Amelot in Paris. The carmaker Mazda took the opportunity to invite dealers and the press to the European launch of its new electric car, the MX30.

    Working to transform the place, service provider Pompadour managed the entire technical and logistical service. A scenography guided visitors through two exhibition floors highlighting the brand's emblematic vehicles, before arriving in a completely reconstructed cork oak forest. To meet the customer's energy requirements, 180 Starway battery-powered projectors were deployed, including BoxKolor UHD, LightKolor, EventKolor and 2 Dino automatic projectors for deliberately refined dynamic lighting.

    Producing beautiful colors, beautiful atmospheres, everywhere, quickly and without any constraints, is our constant challenge in events. Starway battery-powered projectors give us the freedom to create, modify and adapt our lighting, with the added discretion of their chrome housing that blends into any décor ”, François-Xavier Marchal, Technical Director of Pompadour.

    Starway, autonomous...

  • All the essentials!

    It was in the small amphitheater of the European Archaeological Park of Bliesbruck-Reinheim that the Moselle department organized a special concert for caregivers a few weeks ago, expressing their support and their thanks.

    Provider partner of this evening, Nikos Magie Events produced a scene mainly composed of our brands, with Starway lighting including 6 Servo Color 4K, 4 Mini Vega, 8 Ariane 1430FC and 4 PcKolor DW bars.

  • Dynamic display

    As dynamic display in the city has become essential, screen surfaces are multiplying. Whether it is to disseminate the communication of town halls and local authorities or commercial advertisements, the installer Lynxmedia offers high-performance solutions with a historical specialty to pharmacy pharmacies.

    Lynxmedia integrates its screens in made-to-measure media or real street furniture. The majority of its non-transparent screens are made with Starway StarPanels. They are equipped with a Novastar TB3 interface which allows them to be controlled locally or remotely, while offering a stand-alone player that is easy to program.

    Indoors and outdoors, we make the majority of our screens with StarPanel video panels. We particularly appreciate their modularity and reliability, and their pitch is perfectly suited to near and far vision, required by the information needs of our customers. In addition, their high brightness allows us to manage a dynamic display that is always perfectly visible even with very strong sunlight, by automatically adjusting it thanks to an external sensor”, Alexandre Marchal, manager of Lynxmedia.

    Starway, inform...

  • Original Live streaming

    While DJ sets are topical in today's live streaming landscape, those organized by Night Event's Production are particularly noteworthy. Whether for FG with a shot on the Amp stage or for a broadcast on Twitch and Facebook with those shot in their premises transformed into a video set, the light signature is original.

    Technical event provider, Night Event's Production has created its signature by integrating into its TV sets Starway LiciaKolor that they just acquired. Its 18 machines allow to obtain an original decoration and particularly remarkable effects by a very beautiful rendering to the image.

    We have just completed our Starway fleet, which is already rich in BoxKolor UHD and EventKolor, with LiciaKolor, which really won us over. On the visual side, the mirror effect of their chromed body allows them to be fully integrated into the decor, and their light tubes allow their use as much in markup as in subdued lighting. On battery and controlled by wireless DMX, they simply avoid the cables on the set. Since we have them, they are on all our lives and the reactions are there”, Tom Duval, manager of Night Event’s Production.

    Starway, unique ...

  • Pitch on Twitch

    Last week-end, gamers were invited to stay comfortably on their sofa to find the special “Winter” edition of Start To Play on Twitch, 100% digital and live! Dynamic and fun, several highlights were offered throughout the event, including esport competitions, conferences, challenges and interviews with prestigious guests.

    A loyal provider and partner of Start To Play events which usually take place face-to-face, the service provider Standby wanted to continue to add its personal touch by offering its lighting design and LED screen on the Via Storia TV set. So in the background, a screen measuring 4 by 2.5 meters, judiciously placed on the ground and composed of StarPanel modules, made a very good impression by enhancing the images of interviews and video games. Also on the set, some BoxKolor UHD projectors which colored the spaces here and there.

    “We wanted to rediscover part of the DNA of Start To Play events in digital and the big screen is an essential part of that. It seemed obvious to us to also offer it here to boost the staging. Our StarPanel screen, easily usable indoors once its brightness was reduced to 10% and the video synchronized, produced a very beautiful image rendering, for an exceptional live that the organizer and the spectators greatly appreciated”, Loïc Truntzer, manager of Standby.

    Starway, the big game...

  • Control of luminous flux

    Since January 14 and throughout the winter holiday season, the dam of the valley of Tignes lights up every evening from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. It then impresses the whole valley thanks to a scenography designed by Nicolas Galloux, which sublimates the majestic character of the highest dam in France.

    To achieve the light mapping of the entire structure, the S-Group Rhône-Alpes agency has deployed part of its fleet of automatic IP Aqua projectors from Starway. Installed at the foot of the dam and without any protection against bad weather and extreme temperatures, 7 Aqua 480 BWS and 10 Aqua 580 BWS ensure the show, without encountering the slightest technical problem.

    “Although we have been using Aqua projectors for several months on many demanding services such as Fort Boyard, Asterix…, we must admit that here they have particularly impressed us. Despite a projection distance of 120 m at the bottom of the dam which extends 200 m at the top, we were able to achieve full lighting thanks to the perfect control of the luminous flux that these high-performance and resistant machines offer us”, Sébastien Gauthier, project manager at S-Group Rhône-Alpes.

    Starway, impressive...

  • A luminous night

    At the foot of the Eiffel Tower, the Pullmann hotel was this Saturday the Parisian meeting place for lovers for an exceptional event, "Time For Love". A magical and unique moment for an unforgettable hotel night, accompanied by a gastronomic dinner and a concert live from the hotel and broadcast in streaming in each room.

    To immortalize this very special night, the Parisian branch of the technical provider Production 85 imagined, thanks to an adapted selection of Starway projectors, a lighting to match the event. Outside, 16 Ariane 1430FC LED bars illuminated the entire facade. Inside, 8 Servo Color 4K and 6 Servo BWS 10R energized the stage image for live streaming.

    “The lighting of the facade was complex because it was not possible to install the lighting on the sidewalk. We had to put the spotlight on only the hotel and restaurant caps while ensuring a homogeneous light, able to reach the top floor despite the many balconies. When we lit the Arianes, we were won over. Bright, beautiful colors and capable of generating very pure white, these are some exceptional bars. They will undoubtedly be a must for all the next events already scheduled by the hotel", Mickael Percot, Manager of Production 85.

    Starway, passionately...

  • Columns in the spotlight

    The Grand Center district is a key element in the influence of the city of Cergy. For its end-of-year celebrations, the Cergy Pontoise agglomeration community decided to install beautiful illuminations in accordance with a "blue and white" color chart.

    The lighting was entrusted to the company Backline which composed with the elements of the existing decorations: the trees and street furniture of the Place "Charles de Gaulle" and the large hall "Hubert Renaud", thus creating a backdrop lending itself perfectly to the game. 24 Starway's MiniKolor LED PAR illuminated the columns of the hall including its ceiling height, and the opacity of the curtains allowed the creation of an impressive natural cyclo with many chaser effects. 8 Servo Beam 2R positioned on the ceiling of this room were enough to manage all the external dynamic effects, with perfectly controlled beams highlighted by the humidity present in this season. On the "Place des Arts", Backline used 4 of its “Medusa” lights. This product, created in-house, uses the full capabilities of Starway's SupraKolor LED PAR with its 8 to 40° zoom perfectly suited to the dimensions of the luminaire. To bring dynamism and complementary colors to the Medusas, 4 Servo Beam 2R have been judiciously installed to make the Medusas in the wind even more “alive”. The existing Servo Beam 2R gobos proved to be a perfect fit for the theme of the event.

    “In this type of low-light urban lighting, the use of small Starway machines is ideal. Their lighting is sufficient and the life of their lamps allows lighting over long periods. In addition, their low consumption is a strong argument here where the daily electricity consumption is displayed on a huge counter in the reception hall of the urban community", Jacques Collette, manager of Backline.

    Starway, economical...

  • Batteries in the spotlight

    In the heart of the main courtyard of the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service of the Ain, the statue of the war memorial is a real landmark for firefighters and related services, who celebrate there throughout the year numerous tributes and official ceremonies.

    The original statue lighting project proposed to the installer "Concept Son" described the use of permanently recessed spotlights. But faced with the inability to provide a source of electricity without resorting to major works, they proposed an alternative, favorably received by the communication department of the Fire and Rescue Service: the use of battery-powered projectors. With the advantage of illuminating the statue when necessary, while offering the possibility to illuminate any other event in other spaces, it is quite simply 4 Starway AeroKolor battery-powered projectors that have been acquired for blue-white-red custom-made lighting.

    The Aerokolor, in addition to offering all the advantages of a battery-powered projector with high autonomy, delivers a great amount of power perfectly suited to the enhancement of a monument or a building. And if the use of lithium batteries may have awakened the sensitivity of our customers, the clarity of the information provided by Starway on the proper use of its batteries has helped to keep everyone in confidence”, Sébastien Michel, sales manager and partner at Concept Son.

    Starway, highly autonomous...

  • The show goes on

    Without artists! Without technicians! Without scenes! Nothing is possible... The ED&N scene, a well-know performance hall in Sausheim, hosted at the end of the year an unprecedented project in the region: "& 100Ciel". While it is no longer possible to come and applaud the artists on stage, everything is possible by streaming, hosting 100 artists on a dream set inspired by prestigious television variety shows.

    With a technical management by TSE and lighting design by Loïc Marafini, the stage is illuminated under a beautiful collection of Starway projectors: 24 Callisto projectors set the scene for animations developed by 14 Servo BWS 20R, 16 Servo BWS10R and 24 Servo Color 4K.

    Callisto is indeed the essential projector of the moment. With the development of our streaming services, it is the ideal companion for the TV sets that we offer our customers. Whether for shows, music videos or institutional, it is always very appreciated by the directors and lighting designers”, Frédéric WALDT, design manager at TSE.

    Starway, essential...

  • A shining Christmas

    This year, the north of France is not lacking in the tradition of celebrating Christmas in the most beautiful magic of illuminations. The main cities dress their squares, theaters, monuments, hospitals and, for the most important of them, their belfries with light, as if to sublimate this long-awaited moment of pleasure and serenity.

    A loyal provider of the city of Arras for its illuminations, One Events Live, has been widely requested by other cities in the region. A revival of activity which required the deployment of many Starway projectors. For the city of Arras, 140 FullKolor HD, 14 FloodLite HD, 12 WindKolor, 14 Ariane 1430FC and 8 CityKolor 5410HD were deployed for the illuminations of the belfry and the "Place des Héros", the theater, the church St-Jean-Baptiste and the hospital center. In Saint-Omer, 40 FullKolor HD, 14 Floodlite HD, 10 EarthKolor and 8 CityKolor enhance the "Moulin à Café theater", the "Place Victor Hugo" and the arches of the pedestrian streets. The belfry of the city of Comines also shines under the light of 14 EarthKolor, 13 BoxKolor UHD and 16 FullKolor HD. As for Béthune, the facade of the town hall, the "Grance Place" and the St Vaast church become magical thanks to 108 FullKolor HD.

    Our experience with the illuminations of the city of Arras spread widely to neighboring towns and we immediately invested accordingly to meet all demands. The very high reliability, quality and diversity of Starway projectors have reinforced their use across all services. This generated an intense level of activity for our structure, which was largely supported by the commercial and technical departments of Freevox. We are proud to have been able in our own way to give an optimistic impetus to the arrival of the new year”, the technical team of One Events Live.

    Starway, the magic of light...

  • Ready for the festivities

    With the "Salle Polyvalente des Tilleuls", the Town Hall of Montsoult (95) has a very beautiful multipurpose hall. It offers a 10-meter opening stage in a real theater, ideal for hosting all activities of municipal life, ceremonies and cultural performances.

    Its technical evolution has just been carried out by Rayflection, a way of continuing the action of its late manager Jeremy Power who had considered improving its lighting. It results in the additional installation of 6 automatic Starway Dino projectors.

    It was under the guidance of lighting designer Arthur Oudin that the choice was made to install Dino. Its exceptional weight / power / quality / price ratio makes it the perfect automatic for this type of installation”, Pascal Maltese, director of Rayflection.

    Starway, all ready...

  • Yellow for the islands!

    Identified by its yellow color, La Première represents the television and radio network owned by France Télevisions which broadcasts in overseas territories. Among the nine television channels that make it up, two of them recently inaugurated their new sets following the move to new studios, Martinique la 1ère and Mayotte la 1ère.

    For these sets dedicated to news and magazines, Eurolight System, technical lighting service provider for France Télévisions, has created a new design with a beautiful combination of Starway projectors, including 40 Titan 1230HDL, 12 Servo Color 4K and 10 LiveKolor HD projectors for Martinique la 1ère and 34 Titan 1230HDL, 8 Servo Color 4K and 20 LiveKolor HD projectors for Mayotte la 1ère.

    The enhancement of television sets requires beautiful colors and a wide range of effects. With Starway projectors, we achieve the required precision perfectly. TThe Titans guarantee powerful illumination that can be easily focused using diffusers and they produce a homogeneous range ideal for coloring cycloramas, while LiveKolor and Servo Color express themselves above all on the dynamics of magazines”, Frederic Francey, director of Eurolight System.

    Starway, the sense of colors...


  • Cascades of lights

    The "Saut du Doubs" is a wonder of nature classified as a "Major National Site" and located on the Franco-Swiss border. With a waterfall of 27 m, this place is discovered every year by many tourists, during a very spectacular visit by boat trip to get as close as possible to this grandiose setting.

    Taking advantage of the cancellation of the Swiss fireworks display normally organized each year, Equalizer Souns System offered for the first time an enhancement of the site on the French side by deploying in addition to the classic fireworks display a highlight of the waterfall. A very STARWAY service with 10 WindKolor, 2 AéroKolor and 2 EarthKolor projectors.

    The place required the use of battery powered projectors. Faithful for years to the famous Starway EventKolor, I must say that the recent AeroKolor and EarthKolor battery projectors have impressed me with their power and robustness, totally adapted to the enhancement of large natural spaces ”, Franck Florin, manager of Equalizer Sound System.

    Starway, in total freedom...

  • HalloWind at the castle

    To celebrate Halloween, the Castle of the Loyère in Saône & Loire has been transformed for four days into a Castle of Chills. Children took advantage of the many, of course, frightening activities offered throughout a course which ended each day in the illuminated park.

    Obviously, the lighting of the park helped to create the mysterious atmosphere. A performance perfectly mastered by Perfect Live with a beautiful array of Starway projectors: 60 WindKolor battery powered projectors and 12 ArchiKolor 150FC lights illuminated the park, while 12 Ariane 1430FC LED bars set the castle facade ablaze.

    The power of the WindKolors made it easy to showcase the great outdoors and large trees in the park, while maintaining perfect autonomy for a daily operation of about 4 hours for 4 days, without needing to recharge them. They are simply amazing!”, Julien Poitou of Perfect Live.

    Starway, fantastic ...

  • A bright summer

    This summer in Bandol (83), it was enough to stroll in the heart of the city to discover illuminated alleys and flamboyant facades evoking its history through the personalities who crossed its path... At the rendezvous of this exceptional route, a lighting of the Town Hall, then a succession of videos and projections of images and imaginations, capable of transporting us into the history of the city.

    This first edition of the "Lights of the City" emphasized the promotion of the town hall as the focal point of the event. For this, TSE, sound and light service provider for the event, deployed, according to a light design signed by Loïc Marafini, 14 Callisto LED bars, mainly used for dynamic lighting of openings, and 12 WideKolor HD from Starway.

    The Starway Callisto projectors recommended here turned out to be perfect for this very nice enhancement. This new generation of bars provides dual lighting: their 4° white LEDs provide great power and animation possibilities, complemented by their RGB LEDs arranged in a matrix. Satisfied with this acquisition, we will also be able to use their KlingNet compatibility to develop our animations on our future services”, Jérôme Bigeard, manager of TSE.

    Starway, the magic of light...

  • Relight the fire!

    Phoenix 66 is a group of six confirmed musicians who attack the monument of French song! No imitation ... no double ... just bringing Johnny Hallyday songs to life again and again. Produced by Michel Thonnelier under the artistic direction of Christophe Freyssac, “Les disciples de Johnny” are currently resuming their tour in a reduced and adapted format.

    Official service provider, Nikos Magie Events inaugurated the first concert of this new formula on the town square of Golbey (88). The lighting, almost exclusively provided by Starway, made forget the reduced format with a kit of 6 Dino, 12 Servo Color 4K and a few PcKolor DW projectors.

  • The big game

    Over the course of a weekend, gamers and computer enthusiasts were able to follow the 2020 Gaming Camp on Twitch. Organized by ROG, ASUS 'benchmark brand for technological innovation for gaming, as well as the FNAC, this extraordinary event was hosted by about twenty guests including the most famous streamers Gotag, Locklear, Doigby and Squeezie.

    For this large format show, a studio in "La Plaine Saint-Denis" was set up under the direction of the agency Malorian and with the NEXXT technical teams in charge of lighting and LED screens. Numerous Starway projectors were thus deployed, Dino spots arranged on the sides of the stage for dynamic lighting of the show, Servo Color 4K for the enhancement of the guests, PcKolor DW in front of the interviews, SticKolor 1210UHD LED bars and BoxKolor UHD battery powered projectors for the mezzanine.

    In our Starway kit, we have favored LED technologies. They are easier to use and ensure that perfect brightness is maintained over time. The consistency of the range allows us, thanks to the ergonomics common to all the machines, a perfect optimization of our equipment for events. And with the astonishing quality / price ratio of the brand, our customers are always winners!”, Marc Gloria, Associate Director of Nexxt.

    Starway, play of light...

  • All the great voices

    It was this summer at Pradet (83) in the Caravero Park, among the rare concerts held by the municipality. And it is not without humor that Erick Baert, the new generation of imitators, allowed the public to meet more than a hundred artists during an hour and a half of show. Ranging from castrato Farinelli to AC / DC, via Celine Dion and Joe Cocker, it was a vocal fireworks display, a real performance.

    Technical service provider more than happy to resume activity, 2MTS has not hesitated to please its customers by offering a full Starway light kit: 12 Servo BWS 20R, 8 Servo Color 4K, 6 FullKolor HD and 4 Orion projectors. In addition to a LED screen widely used by the staging and composed of StarPanel modules.

    We wanted to have a nice light for a nice recovery. The Orions adorned the stage perfectly and our screen is still so bright that we used it here at only 25% of its power. It was a real pleasure for us as well as for the technicians to showcase our Starway fleet: consistent, efficient and perfectly suited to current demand”, Marcel Martin, manager of 2MTS.

    Starway, the magic of light.

  • In (un) locked mode!

    This summer at Mag Scène, the consoles were all locked. A time of reflection which led to the creation of a design unit obviously bearing the name "Desk Locked" and led by Vincent Goepp and Joshua Duplany. To introduce themselves, they make a multi-faceted clip that showcases the artist Ears Bleeder and all the know-how of this new team.

    A distinctive lighting that was able to draw on the entire Mag Scène park which gives pride of place to Starway projectors. In the end, about 20 Servo Beam 5R for the beams across the entire width of the stage, 6 Vega widely used in effects mode behind the artist, 3 StormLIte HD used as strobe and as a color changer under the floor grids and 2 DynaKolor behind each guitarist.

    We closed the screens, we thought about it, and we turned on again. We offer our lighting designs for any type of project and we like to use spotlights that give free rein to our creativity. This is the case with Starway. The Vega is totally atypical. We love its hyper graphics capabilities and ultra power for use with or without smoke, and even in broad daylight. The die-forging of the StormLite remains unique to create effects that stand out from the simple strobe and the 5R still generates perfect beams, even after many years of service”, Vincent Goepp and Joshua Duplany, lighting designers for Mag Scène.

    Starway, limitless ...

  • The big session

    How to return to the cinema without worry? Marc Animation found the solution in partnership with the municipality of Communay. An open-air and drive-in cinema for an exceptional session with the film Grease, which hosted up to 200 cars in front of Marc Animation's giant LED screen.

    Marc Animation is a loyal CEC client. After 18 years of activity, he developed the audiovisual part with the acquisition of 64 StarPanel video panels from Starway. Then they subsequently extend their configuration with several supplements to now offer a giant screen of 128 StarPanels. They also add dynamic lighting to their performance with 16 Starway Servo Beam 2Rs.

    With StarPanel, Starway enables the creation of high-performance LED screens for outdoor and indoor use. Their installation is quick and easy. They are extremely reliable and, in this case, allowed the complement without any problem of color consistency and brightness. A measured investment that completely satisfies our client ”, David Chanrion, CEC manager.

    Starway, the magic of the big screen...

  • A new dynamic

    Perfectly located in the heart of Saint-Priest, in the Technological Park of Lyon, “Le Mÿ” is a restaurant which, in addition to quality cuisine, offers a dancing atmosphere. It is the new reference address for celebrating any type of festive event in a cozy atmosphere, with elegant decoration and design, as well as a great musical program.

    The provider PM Réalisation, in charge of the sound and lighting integration, has transformed this former self into an exceptional place that has just reopened. A beautiful enhancement obtained thanks to Starway with 4 Aperta for dynamic lighting and about ten Nanokolor HD for beams on the walls.

    The goal was to achieve a real club atmosphere with controlled lighting, in keeping with the size and budget of the restaurant. Objective accomplished with Starway! No need to play the volume with the new Aperta. Here 4 lyres are enough... with in addition very beautiful effects on the ground by associating the projection of gobos and the double rotating prism, allowing to obtain unique effects of volumetric light”, Alexis Muetton, co-founder of PM Réalisation.

  • In the trees

    The "Coucoo Big Lakes" cottages are spread over 70 hectares of forest and 80 hectares of lakes in the heart of Franche-Comté. An exceptional natural domain which invites the guests to live a unique stay in the heart of nature. This eco-domain has 21 cottages, 12 in the trees and 9 on the water, which perfectly master the art of blending into the decor.

    It was while intervening for the installation of the important electrical distribution on all sites, that Equalizer Sonorisation had the idea to propose an ephemeral lighting of the cottages. On the ground, in the trees, Starway WindKolors add their touch of magic to create a wonderful environment.

    “Intervening a lot outdoors, our Starway WindKolors are often used. It is a very good color changer on battery, solid and easy to implement. It is easily controlled here thanks to its remote control, which, combined with its interconnection capacities, is sufficient in most services. If DMX is mandatory, we can easily control it remotely via airDMX to avoid wiring ", Franck Florin, manager of Equalization PA.

    Starway, magical...

  • Everyone at the 25!

    The 25, it is a new concept bringing together at Jouy road nr. 25 in Bièvres several event and show companies, among which Esprit de Tech, Rayflection, Elibla, Génération Nexus, Arthur Oudin Design, ALP Flight Case, FX Concept and Néo-7, in order to offer a global audiovisual solution.

    An association of talents which took the form of a highly technological dedicated space. It allows to broadcast live performances every day thanks to the DJs who perform there or TV shows. The lighting was entrusted to Starway with 12 Aperta and a dozen BoxKolor UHD projectors.

    The small size of our tray requires the use of small projectors, capable of competing with the lighting of the LED walls. The Apertas, which we have just included to our fleet, offer the perfect solution: minimal size, powerful beam and low consumption, a concentrate of talents”, Arthur Oudin, lighting designer for Rayflection.

    Starway, very talented...

  • Aperta, on the track

    Like the great circus festivals such as those of Moscow or Monte-Carlo, the 9th edition of the Elefant d'Or Festival of Girona in Spain offers a precious choice of artists among the world elite of trapeze artists, acrobats, jugglers and clowns, come from the 4 corners of the world to amaze the occupants of the 2700 places of the big tent.

    For this unique and impressive show, Ultra'Son, the event's official provider, did not hesitate for a second to demonstrate the technological prowess of its 24 Aperta, the Starway new generation LED beam automatic projector, just integrated in its rental fleet.

    It’s a real pleasure to use Aperta! Super compact and light, their installation is quick and practical. Their power impresses. Even in an environment like this, made extremely bright by large washes, the beams are present and ultra defined. With the addition of a perfect mix of colors and stackable prisms, this was our best number! ”, Maxime Polak, director of Ultra'Son.

    Starway, high flying...

  • Aperta is getting higher

    Last Sunday, the stars of athletics provided the show at the AccorHotels Arena for the 2020 edition of the Paris Indoor Meeting. The program included six events, including pole vault and triple jump, which were perfectly calibrated under the Aperta beams to combine show and top flight performance!

    To set the hall in motion and liven up the sports areas, Prodjekt, the event's technical provider, did not hesitate for a second to mobilize the 24 Starway Apertas who had just joined its park. New this year, a live music scene was highlighted by 8 StormLite HD, used both in strobe effect and in colorimetry.

    The new Aperta LED beam projector is simply impressive for its power / weight ratio. Its small size is ideal for events of this type in which it knows how to remain discreet, while allowing to have perfectly visible beams, even here in this arena which was lit for TV broadcast ”, Quentin Crouin, technical director of Prodjekt.

    Starway, always higher...

  • Dino and Aperta, nothing can stop them!

    When the weekend begins with a festive evening organized by a private company to wish greetings to more than 1,000 guests, and immediately goes on to a famous bodywork garage in the Lille region which transformed for the occasion its workshops into a DJ-Electro club open to the public and welcoming 5,000 visitors, everything is possible!

    A great technical feat for XXL Organization, provider of these events, which decided to immediately operate its new Starway projectors, 24 Dinos and 12 Apertas. No respite, as soon as they got in, as soon as they got out, they definitely created the show on these two events.

    We discovered Dino and Aperta when we last visited JTSE. In the Starway black box, this duo made a very good impression on us. And they keep their promise. Ultra light weight, impressive power in a reduced size, essential to allow us to transport and install quickly and economically, this is the duo that we now offer on all our events ", Sébastien Lemaire, director of XXL Organization.

    Starway, a productive brand...

  • A shared innovation

    "The Napoleons" are born from a conviction: it is by sharing ideas that we change the world. This open community of women and men is driven by the desire to promote a virtuous, ethical innovation that benefits the greatest number of people. Therefore they create throughout the year several events bringing together innovation players with all those who share their values.

    For their first event of 2020, held in "Val d'Isère", their provider Aquila quite naturally offered the valuable services of its Starway Dino projectors, recently integrated into its rental fleet. This is how 16 Dino have highlighted the speeches of many internationally renowned speakers as well as the artistic events.

    When we discovered the new Starway Dino automatic projector, we were immediately convinced that it was the universal solution for our customers. An innovative projector on all aspects: its lightness for an easy and discreet installation, its color palette and its half-colors, its unique and useful gobos both for events and for shows. In short, between our two agencies in Paris and Cannes, our 40 Dino projectors are always outside ", Nicolas Croisy, business manager at Aquila.

    Starway, used by the greatest number.

  • Star of the 80s

    “The 80s”, a 3 hours 100% live show running in the largest cities in France, in different locations depending on the expected audience. A few days ago, it was a medium format performance which attracted up to 2,000 spectators at the Palais des Congrès in Digne-les-Bains.

    PFL Events, provider for all of the medium format shows on the tour,  provides lighting with an ultra-efficient full Starway kit, made up of 14 new Aperta LED beam automatic projectors, 12 Servo BWS 20R and 12 Servo Color 4K.

    We have chosen to integrate the new Starway Aperta into our park for this tour. It is a truly new generation beam: its infinite tilt and pan function, its stackable gobos and prisms allow us to create superb effects, its link function allows us to save a lot of time during installation and its optics focus perfectly the luminous flux to obtain a very beautiful rendering ”, Florian Boiteux, manager of PFL Events.

    Starway, 1980 - 2020, 40 years...

  • Worldwide

    After a giant adventure of more than 500 concerts around the world, Flavia Coelho transported the audience of the Cultural Center of Mions in France at the end of February in her unique universe where music intersects, from Caribbean music to trap, from cumbia to hip hop, with a beautiful pop color.

    A perfect performance for the provider Audiance, which was using its 12 new DINO new generation LED spot spotlights here for the first time, just joining its fleet already rich in Starway projectors: Callisto, Servo Beam 5R, EventKolor and BoxKolor.

    "It's simple ! Starway, these are the spotlights that we love for their ability to produce a beautiful light. And the last Dino we have just received do not contradict the rule. It’s a great little machine with no real competitor in its class. We immediately used them on all our services and everyone is convinced ”, Alexandre Botella, technical director of Audiance.

    Starway, universal...

  • Energy meeting

    It is at the Lanester Exhibition Center (56) that the Enedis Group had gathered at the start of this year all of its employees from the West region for its annual ceremony. A large-scale event for the electricity manager in France, consisting of numerous sessions organized over a period of 3 days.

    A room that Liven’UP Events, the event's technical service provider, knows particularly well. A large space fully highlighted in pure Starway with 4 CityKolor 5410HD, 8 Servo BWS 10R, 8 Servo Color 4K, 12 LightKolor, 8 FreeKolor and 8 ParKolor 120HD

    Between speeches, sessions and workshops, we had to manage a wide variety of highlights, including of course the scenic interventions, but also the various workshops organized throughout the daily agenda. Thanks to the diversity and versatility of our Starway fleet, we were able to energize this large space with a controlled number of machines, without compromising on the quality of our service”, Arnaud Boissière, manager of Liven’UP Events.

  • 170 years of age

    Cointreau liqueur was born in Angers and its recipe has been kept secret from generation to generation for 170 years. An anniversary that the manufacturer celebrated in several ways during an evening reserved for employees in the "Greniers d'Angers", or in the impressive "Salle des Alembics" to welcome international influencers.

    Discrétion, the provider in charge of all these events, had to show originality and flexibility to ensure a lighting often composed of several themes and spaces to be arranged in the same evening. For this, a deployment in a large number of Starway projectors: 8 Servo Spot 15K for dynamic lighting and gobo projection, 24 Servo Color 4K and 24 ParKolor 120HD for lighting the architecture of the premises, and up to 48 BoxKolor UHD installed independently.

    With its coherent product offering, Starway guides our choices towards profitable activity. In this type of event where the number of projectors is inevitably large, we satisfy our customers by offering them a service of exceptional quality while controlling budgets”, Théophane BELLOIS, manager of Discretion.

    Starway, know-how...

  • The labours of Hercules

    A hybrid company made up of multiple talents, HRCLS is now artistically positioned in the audiovisual production landscape. Owned by HAVAS, this label organizes each quarter a mini festival highlighting its artists and its most recent productions.

    The latest edition took place at the company's headquarters, entirely transformed by Pompadour, a dedicated service provider taking charge of the entire event, including sound, light and video. For the lighting, a large number of Starway projectors were employed: 4 Aperta and 2 Dino for the dynamic animation of the event, 4 Vega and 2 Orion for scenic decoration, as well as 24 BoxKolor UHD Chrome for the lighting of the different spaces .

    For this type of event, which is quite complex to work out, it is important to be able to use equipment that is quick to set up. Obviously, the new Starway Aperta and Dino are so light and space-saving that their installation took only a few minutes… and moreover without compromising on power and rendering”, Jeremy Slama, creative director at Pompadour.

    Starway, phenomenal...

  • A Christmas jewel

    During this Christmas period, the main shopping street in Douai takes on the appearance of celebrations. At its center, the Henneron jewelry store lights up like a precious stone, an elegant choice of distinction to salute the perfection of a renowned jeweler.

    For its first request for ephemeral and distinctive lighting, it was to the supplier and installer AT-Light that the jeweler turned to find a perfectly suitable lighting product. His selection quickly moved to Starway’s new Ariane 1430FC IP LED bar. Four Ariane are installed outside, also lighting the cornice of the building and four others inside, behind the windows of the first floor.

    For our installer and service provider activity, the Ariane 1430FC bar is ideal. We can use it both outdoors and indoors, and its great versatility allows us to recommend it for architectural and event lighting as well as for scenic lighting. Our client's primary desire was to distinguish themselves by perfection, it was subtly successful! ”, Aurélien Piérin, director of AT-Light.

     Starway, a precious brand…

  • More than 100 Aperta

    Since November, JUL, iconic rapper of his generation and number 1 in sales and audio listening, begins a tour through France starting with the most beautiful scenes in France. After the Arkéa Arena in Bordeaux, the Zénith in Toulouse and the Tony Garnier Hall in Lyon, he gathers his audience at the AccorHotels Arena for an impressive show.

    A phenomenon on stage transcended by a magnificent lights and scenography and a very good first for the 148 new generation automatic projectors Aperta from Starway made available by the tour provider S Group.

    "Aperta is a real novelty in the S Group fleet, a LED gobos beam, compact, efficient and light", Fabian de Brücker, Live & Touring manager at S Group. Twenty years after the introduction of Starway's cult Servo 250 range, Aperta is making history by joining our new range of ultra-compact and high-performance projectors. It captivates with the visual power of its ultra tight beam beam, its infinite pan & tilt movements, its brightness, its weight and its size, as evidenced by its success with the many service providers who already trust it.

    Starway, limitless…

  • Wedding in magenta

    At the request of the bride and groom, this magnificent castle near Lyon put on a unique magenta color for the ceremony. An ideal architectural lighting which, by highlighting the beautiful stones, the towers and the windows, as well as the majestic trees of the domain, contributed to the total success of the event.

    To color this imposing building, ABLE events has deployed a selection of perfectly suited Starway projectors: 14 BoxKolor UHD illuminated the pillars and arches, an Ariane 1430 FC bar was enough to highlight the tower, while the Stronglite projectors used here as color changers expressed the majesty of the trees.

    As a technical event provider, we must have a rental fleet comprising diversified and quality equipment. This is why we have many Starway projectors including the Boxkolor for autonomous lighting, the new Ariane waterproof bars for outdoor use and the StrongLite for power”, Eric Chopin, director of ABLE events.

    Starway, a unique brand!

  • Festival "Les Déferlantes"

    At the Mediterranean city of Argelès-sur-Mer, the idyllic Valmy Park is exceptional, with its castle surrounded by its park and vineyards. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful site in France which hosts a festival: "Les Déferlantes". Four days of happiness with an impressive artistic program mixing many musical styles and international and regional artists.

    At this festival, the show is everywhere and the provider Keroscène manages the technical services throughout the site, including the lighting of the castle park, the VIP area and the Village scene which hosts many regional artists. On the light side, Mini Vega, Servo Beam 5R and Callisto gave the power and the effects necessary for daylight exploitation. On the VIP area bounded by FullKolor HD lighting, the StarPanel LED screen distilled the beautiful images. LiveKolor and StormLite HD valued the restoration tent. In the evening, the park was illuminated and the majestic castle magically colored by Starway CityKolor 5410HD projectors.

  • Back to the roots

    This is the coming back of the emblematic Courchevel club. Since this spring, his teams are working to revamp the club as it was before, while implementing new technologies to surprise the fans of the dancefloor... The Caves of Courchevel, the place to be, is the unmissable meeting place of the biggest stars and the international elite.

    Completely renovated, the club benefits from a new installation realized by the Eurosono group Integration team. A rebirth in light as well in video with Starway Starwall LED screens which dress up 3 columns and the back of the DJ control room, while 60 mini F1 Kolor projectors highlight the entire club.

    "Starwall LED displays are faithful to Starway brand standards. They produce an image of great finesse thanks to their pitch of 2.5 mm and the brightness of the modules is ideal for the diffusion of image in interior. By adding a well thought-out mounting system for quick and easy installation, here is a LED screen that allows us to offer a very beautiful image in exceptional places ", Alexandre Jeannerod, director of the EuroSono group.

  • Vega at the Movies

    When the 72nd Cannes Film Festival opens on the Croisette, the Majestic is the place to stay. This palace of the French Riviera welcomes festival-goers in a privileged way, close to the palace during the day to be at the front row, and on its private beach in the evening for the inevitable nightlife.

    The event is there when the beach of the Majestic 72 produced by ADR Prod is highlighted by Giglam (Stage & light Design + ShowProduction): a first with a creative artwork based on 48 Vega from Starway used in dynamic lighting for a sleek algorithmic design without movement.

    "Vega is a hybrid projector with good proportions, multiple functions and assumed design. Positioned here in one of their diverted functions, the Vega have been useful to the many configurations that the site required. With its warm colors and infinite programming possibilities, we have found a projector that lives up to our creativity ", Vincent Rautureau, CEO of Giglam.

    Starway, action!

  • Auto-M-atically Infinite

    After the release of his 6th studio album "Infinite Letter" last January, -M- is back on stage throughout  2019 for a series of exceptional concerts. A tour that goes through all the cities of France with Paris concerts at the Cirque d'Hiver, the Seine Musical and the Accorhotels Arena, where -M- occurs alone, accompanied by automatons musicians.

    We discover an extremely strong stage performance, highlighted by the lighting of Jeremy Bargues, with the permanent concern to follow the artist in all his improvisations.
    10 Starway's FloodLite UV was used to bring out his black and white striped jacket, while 26 Nanokolor HD showcases and brings to life the automatic claps and the gold and plexi battery.

  • Big screen for the big loop

    It's official ! The city of Chalon-sur-Saône will host the 7th stage of the Tour de France 2019 with an arrival on July 12 on the banks of the Saone. To celebrate this event of international scale, many activities around the bike will be organized throughout the city.

    One hundred days before the start of the Tour de France 2019, the municipality begins the festivities that will animate Chalon until next July. The opportunity for Perfect Live, specialist in sound, light and video, to perform its first services with its new set of LED screens composed of 56 Starway StarPanels.

    "We are totally satisfied with our new StarPanel screen. During the first outings, we were able to appreciate its lightness and extreme speed of implementation. Its brightness allows a full day broadcast with a strong visual impact, ideal for events ", Julien Poitoux, manager of Perfect live.

    Starway, the big game...

  • Aquatic choreography

    For 10 years, culture has been inviting to Barlin (62) in all its forms: theater, music, dance, humor... To celebrate this, the city has proposed, for a weekend, a unique choreographic show that has transformed the lake of the "Parc de la Fossette" into a place of spectacle and surprising entertainment.

    Sound and light provider on many events for the municipality, One Events Live had to compose here with the hygrometric data of the place for the choice of the light set: 8 Servo BWS 10R projectors for the gobos and animations, 8 CityKolor 5410HD and 24 FullKolor HD for highlighting the water jets and ground effects.

  • A bright tribute!

    Faithful to the legend while adding their own personality, the group Coverqueen manages to keep the spirit of Queen's concerts on its many tours for more than 12 years. This gives vibrant and explosive shows, taking both the standards of this mythical group and some more confidential songs.

    The provider 2MTS also participates in this tribute by proposing on the dates of his region a high-performance Starway kit consisting of 12 Servo BWS 20R, 12 Servo Color 4K, 4 StrongLite HD and 8 FullKolor HD. The staging is complemented by LED displays arranged in totems and composed by Starway StarPanels.

    "We bought our StarPanel LED screen for the football world cup and have been using it intensively for over a year now: total reliability, outdoor and indoor use, impressive brightness, quality superior image and ultra easy to operate, we are completely satisfied. Ditto for our Starway projectors kit that by its perfect composition allows us to fully manage the lighting of our shows", Marcel Martin, manager of 2MTS.

    Starway in the spotlight!

  • A versatile amphitheater

    The French Institute of Muslim Civilization (IFCM) in Lyon (69) is a meeting place open to all. It is a place of exchange and debate, with activities open to the greatest number. Its 240-seat amphitheater makes it possible to envisage a calendar of conferences and a year-round artistic program to propose an original cultural offer, whose first angle is the mixing of cultures.

    To provide an efficient reception and a full range of activities, the sound and lighting of the amphitheater have been completely redesigned by Corama. The stage is enlightened by 6 Starway Servo Color 4K and 6 PCKolor DW.

  • League Cup

    The Strasbourg Racing Club organized a major event for the League Cup final, inviting 2 000 people to the "Grand Palais" of Lille, including its partners, families of the players and many speakers and participants. A lot of pre-match speeches chained after match on a much more festive atmosphere to the rhythms of the DJs who celebrated the victory of the club.

    For this exceptional evening, Produc'Son installed 80 Starway StarPanel LED screens.

  • Connected bar

    On the banks of the Saône, with a beautiful view of the Fourvière hill, the "Chapelle Café" is one of the trendiest bars in Lyon. Recently renovated, its huge terrace and cozy indoor space offer all the distinction for its festive evenings.
    With more than 20 years of experience in sound, light and video installation, PM Réalisation cultivates the art of transforming an establishment into a unique place. Mission accomplished here with the installation of 18 Starway DMX-controlled FullKolor HD for dynamic lighting of the facade.
    With its tight 16° beam, its ability to work in both saturated colors and pastel colors, as well as its high power, we were seduced by the FullKolor HD which allowed us to give a strong visual impact to the façade of this famous bar”, Alexis Muetton, director of PM Réalisation.
    Starway, distinctive brand...


  • Villa of lights

    It is along the coast of Marseille that you will see this remarkable villa which is illuminated as if by magic at the end of the day. A fully renovated villa that boasts a magnificent highlight for its buildings and gardens, fully remotely controlled on his smartphone by his proud owner.
    Mediacom, designer and installer of lighting and associated home automation, has chosen to install for the gardens 4 Starway FullKolor HD projectors, offering a high level of performance and reliability.
    "Although Mediacom is a company specializing primarily in the scenic and event delivery, we nevertheless realize throughout the year beautiful high-end facilities. With a rental fleet including many models of Starway projectors, it is normal to find the brand in our fixed facilities, "Eric Algoud, manager of Mediacom.
    Starway, also for residential use...


  • Solidarity show

    Since 2006 in the town of Brue-Auriac (83), Viradabrue is an important meeting place for many amateur and professional artists and for the public attending the shows of the Festival of Hope. A major event as part of the "Virades de l'Espoir" under the aegis of the association Defeat the Cystic Fibrosis, the first funder of research in France against this disease.
    As both a partner and a technical provider, Pan Pot ended the season in style at this event with numerous LED displays using a total of 76 StarPanels and 6 DataKolor 25FCs.


  • Obviously Tubesques

    What are the common points between the buffet of a student party, a graduation ceremony of a large university, the reception, bar and entrance hall of the Opera of Lyon for a company anniversary, and the International Rose Day at the "Château des Broyers"?
    Tubes of course... bright tubes around BoxKolors.
    Specialized in corporate and public events, the company Evideence has understood this perfectly. This is evidenced by their attachment to Starway's BoxKolor, which they invariably equip with her luminous tubes of variable height. A way to define for the public, in addition to a controlled lighting, a landmark and a course thanks to a common decoration.
    "Small, practical and of course autonomous, the BoxKolor has also the merit of recharging very quickly in its flight case. As for the light tubes, we can not find any easier to assemble, store and transport... An excellent way for our teams to be reactive and productive", Laurent Ginet, Events Manager at Evideence.
    Starway, obviously!


  • Passionate generations

    Every year in Villefranche-sur-Saône (69), it is the festival of the conscripts. This tradition, which dates back to the universal conscription of 1798, brought this year the young men of the Class 9 into a humorous parade towards the City Hall, organized during the famous Friday night torchlight retreat.
    Illuminated for the occasion by CEC, the Town Hall raised the colors on its facade. An additional feat when you discover that only 24  battery-powered BoxKolor  projectors have made this possible, along with 8 Starway TourKolor projectors.
    "We are always amazed at the exceptional performance of our small BoxKolor projectors. Installed in a few minutes thanks to their operation on battery and DMX wireless, they do not require any wiring. We were able to illuminate the entire facade of the town hall by combining power and quick installation", David Chanrion, manager of CEC.
    Starway, a flaming brand!


  • Super illumination

    Located on the spur overlooking the town of La Tour-du-Pin (38), this remarkable neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque church, with its imposing bell-tower porch and quarter-round turrets, is a major landmark for the city and takes a beautiful look with its illumination during the Festival of Lights.
    To provide the building with lighting accentuating the balance of volumes and details that give it great majesty, Direct'son Events has simply installed 16 Starway SuperKolor HD projectors that have proven to be extremely effective.
    "The architectural lighting of the monuments is one of our specialties. Our experience in this area has taught us to work with light, with stone, volumes and edges. By using the opening and color features of the SuperKolor HD while taking care of its placement, we get an optimum result, and the magic operates ... ", Fabrice Ferrer, Managing Director of Direct'son Events.
    Starway, the magic of light


  • Boreal lights

    With "You and the Night", the lighting designer David Udovtsch revisits for the Festival of Lights in Lyon the natural phenomenon of the northern lights. A contemplative installation shows the fountain of the Jacobins on a sky stung with a myriad of stars. At the feet of the sirens, a simmering and imperceptible coloring takes shape, transforming the fountain into a lighthouse before materializing the aurora borealis by irradiating the building with subtle shades of green, blue and mauve...

    The technical service for this installation was provided by Adequa'Son, which supplied the products in accordance with the specifications. Eight groups of Starway projectors totaling 12 ToneKolor HD, 12 ArchiKolor 150FC and 12 ParKolor 120HD have been installed on a hoop attached to the periphery of the outdoor pool.

    "The Starway projectors gave me complete satisfaction. The overall lighting of the fountain was managed by the large beams of Archikolor and ToneKolor, whose high level of illumination allowed to perfectly color the top of the fountain which rose to 12 m from the ground. Driven by a mapping software in addition to a light console, the Parkolor HD zoom allowed to animate extremely precise areas with a tight zoom, while zooming in wide for waiting times between tables. And all this in a more than humid environment for a week, without any problem thanks to the IP certification of the selected projectors ", David Udovtsch, lighting designer.

    Starway, luminous phenomenon ...


  • Rock 'n Lights

    A symbol of outstanding luxury, the Intercontinental Hotel in Marseille occupies a sumptuous building on the Panier hill, Marseille's oldest district. A five minute walk from the Old Port, it is in the heart of the Phocaean city and offers a breathtaking view upon the Basilica of Our Lady of the Guard.
    For the end of year celebrations, the hotel dresses all its facades in a beautiful colorful dress. In charge of this grand lighting, EBS Organization Communication chose Starway by installing several StormLite HD projectors to effectively illuminate the largest hotel in Marseille.
    "The StormLite HD is a truly versatile product. Even if we use it on stage for strobe effects and colored wash, we find it particularly formidable for the architectural lighting where it develops a very beautiful color, homogeneous, with a really impressive power", Frank Bonora, manager of EBS .
    Starway, star projectors...


  • The magic of Christmas

    It is already Christmas in Arras, which lights up for a few days to welcome its legendary market and its many animations. The "Square of Heroes" is transformed into the "Square of Lights", which stands out from the city, rising at the top of the 75m of its magnificent belfry, surrounded by illuminated facades.
    To transform the square into a real sound and light place, One Events Live has installed more than 170 Starway projectors including 148 Fullkolor HD distributed between the facades of the square and the edges of the belfry, 8 CityKolor for the lower part of the tower and 16 ZoomKolor HD behind windows and attics.


  • Oceanfront

    For this first edition of Biarritz in Summer, everything was there to make it the essential event of the Basque coast. Three days of eclectic programming, a record affluence in a superb site, here is the new big festival of the Southwest.
    On this new exceptional stage, Eventlive Group, sound and light provider of the festival, has deployed a tide of new technologies. A totally visionary scene thanks to a light design by Julien Desbrosses, including Starway Servo Pix 10K and StormLite HD projectors.


  • Departure of the giants

    The "Route du Rhum" is the most legendary transatlantic lonely, run every four years between Saint-Malo and Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe. In this eleventh edition, the race celebrates its fortieth anniversary and brings together for the first time the new generations of multihulls equipped with articulated wings. At each departure, the queen of transatlantic lonely creates an absolute passion, celebrated by many events in the city and the port.
    The Astrevent Group and its subsidiaries Nova, Naos and Atria, specialized in the technical provision and rental for events, managed no less than 20 events throughout the city. For each of them, the lighting spotlighted Starway on its whole range of projectors: AéroKolorEventKolorSlimKolor 710UHDFullKolor HD sublimated the gala evening at the Grand Aquarium of Saint-Malo, AéroKolorEventKolorSlimKolor 710UHD and MiniDisplay illuminated the "Demeure des Corsaires", Servo Pix 10KServo Blade 15K, StormLite HD and Orion setted the stage of the "Trinquette" on fire.
    "To fully perform our mission as a technical event provider and immerse our customers in a sublimated world, we need a wide range of lighting products. Starway offers us all the projectors we need in order to meet all types of specifications, with the guarantee of performance, reliability and profitability that we and our customers expect", Michael Trevilly, Astrevent Group's manager.
    Starway, the "ultimate" brand
  • Creative Corporate

    Corporate seminars, managers' conventions... these numerous corporate events dedicated to the presentation of new dynamics and objectives are unavoidable in the business calendar. The sophistication of the presentations, the prestige of the guests, the persuasion of their speakers and the importance of the issues that are addressed there now impose an evolved and creative staging.
    For this type of event, Scenotec, located next to Marseille, is the specialist. By supporting both the technical services and the design of the event, the company manages all areas including lighting, sound and video capture. A global offer managed with a wide range of Starway projectors, completed since september by the new Orion, used for their mix of tungsten colors and their great scenic dressing capacity, and the Vega, a projector of great versatility as comfortable for effect creation as for high power wash lighting.
    "Scenotec brings a new dimension to its corporate clientele: scenography. An inseparable discipline of the theater, which we apply to the world of corporate events to transform a place, create a climate, an atmosphere, reveal values​​... The creative lighting is one of our vectors to make events memorable, and the new projectors Orion and Vega from Starway allow us to achieve this perfectly, both technically and economically", Loïc, manager of Scenotec.
    Starway, creative projectors...


  • A very private dinner

    When the works councils organize their annual dinner, it is each time a new event often highlighted by the choice of an original theme. The guests of this exceptional evening were transported in the mid-30s, in the middle of the prohibition period, for a total and festive immersion.
    Responsible for the lighting and decoration of the room, LS-Events has recreated the atmosphere of the roaring thirties, with lighting composed only of Starway projectors, allowing both the enhancement of the room and its decorative elements: 12 BoxKolor UHD battery projectors for entrance lighting and scenery, 12 Servo Color 4K and 6 StormLite HD for room and table lighting, plus 5 Servo BWS 20R for the projection of gobos and dynamic lighting.
    "We appreciate the Starway brand for the diversity of its products that allowed us here to make all types of lighting necessary for our scenery. On this benefit, we had a particular crush on our latest acquisition, the StormLite HD. In addition to their main function of strobe effects, they make it possible to realize washings on a very large surface with a perfect rendering of colors, an astonishing cocktail...", Stéphane Hamann, manager of LS-Events.
    Starway, enlighten and decorate without moderation...
  • Night at the Zoo

    Located in Romanèche-Thorins in France, the Touroparc Zoo allows visitors to approach as never before more than 700 animals representing 140 species, originating from all the continents and coming from a great diversity of terrestrial biotopes and which bloom in a natural and green setting of 12 hectares.
    The management of the animal park and attractions asked GL events Audiovisual and its Sales & Integration department for spot lighting of certain parts of the park. GL events Audiovisual conducted night tests at the end of July 2018, and Starway's WindKolor was selected for its ability to meet the specifications. 36 projectors were delivered to Touroparc in the middle of August, the first "night mission" having taken place on August 31st.
    "The goal was to allow small groups of spectators to watch the wildlife of the park at dusk. It was impossible to draw power supplies for this installation which should also be able to evolve with the seasons in order to vary the light scenes presented to the public. The idea of ​​using battery-powered products was quickly imposed, as well as the constraint of having products able to withstand the elements and to blend in with the vegetation in all discretion. In addition, the easy access menu of the WindKolor also allows novice users to quickly set up light scenes without the help of a console", Stephan Perriand, Head of Sales / Integration at GL events Audiovisual.
    Starway, autonomous lighting...


  • Electrical Impressions

    For its second edition, the Elektric Park Festival overflowed the "Ile des Impressionnistes" in Chatou (78). More than 12 hours of music with a prodigious line up acclaimed by more than 20,000 festival-goers. An exceptional atmosphere with 4 scenes and an impressive scenography.
    Summum of this electro party, the Yellow Stage, main stage of the festival, set the tone for this extraordinary event. With a scenic design by Balaram Lescot and a lighting design by Arthur Oudin Design, Rayflection, the festival's lighting provider, has implemented a huge luminous power that includes 8 Starway StormLite HD stroboscopes.
    "The power and colors of StormLight HD from Starway allowed us, in addition to strobe effects, to trigger powerful wash on the entire stage and the public", Arthur Oudin, lighting designer.

  • Beware of the Blade!

    Organized by the Festival Committee and the City of Lavaur (81), the first Lavaur International Opera Festival has realized three performances of Carmen by the Teatro di Milano in the exceptional setting of the Saint-Alain Square. A festival with a pedagogical dimension through its local integration with educational structures, and a real professional springboard for the discovery of opera singers.

    Technical provider in charge of the festival, LAV Sonorisation operated the latest and most advanced Starway automatic projectors. Positioned about 30 meters from the stage for perfect discretion, its 6 Servo Blades 15K excelled in the projection of gobos and the front lighting for a perfect highlight of the artists.
    "The Blade 15K is a true versatile projector that allows us to do everything: wash, spot and cut. Its power and openness give us total freedom of placement for a wide range of applications. A high-end at Starway that allows us to always offer our customers a controlled budget", Frederic Colomes, manager of LAV Sonorisation.
  • City of lights

    In Carcassonne in the South of France, for July 14, more than 700,000 people flock to the banks of the Aude river to witness the incredible fireworks. A real show of 25 minutes with a final bouquet of 1,200 impacts in 6 seconds, which has ignited the entire city as tradition dictates since the arrival of the "Cadets of Gascogne" in 1898.
    For this edition, the company Ruggieri in charge of the design and construction of the fireworks of the City of Carcassonne has asked ID Scènes to create an extra dimension with video and lights. This made it possible to integrate the Count's castle in a brilliant scenography. Its lighting was achieved with ParKolor 120HD, 12 ArchiKolor 150FC et 30 FullKolor HD from Starway.


  • In the heart of the World Cup

    What a career for our French team in this 2018 Football World Cup! From June 16 until the final on July 15, "Les Bleus" have given beautiful images of the most popular sport in our country: team cohesion, extraordinary goals ... while leading us to the highest title.
    For many of us, it was simply a crazy month to live behind screens of any size. In addition to the mobile, tablet and TV lounge, it is inevitably in front of the many giant screens that the show and the sensations became exceptional.
    A big thank you to all our customers who have installed in cities all over France, the many Starway screens in front of which gathered all football fans: 2MTS, APS, Eso Prod, MIxlive 64, Orkka, Pan Pot , Platinum, Polygon Equipment, Produc'Son, Studio More ... Thanks to them, Freevox was at the heart of the World Cup and its exceptional final.


  • In the heart of the South

    This weekend at the Zénith of Toulon (83) took place, under the direction of its founder Frank Castellano, the largest choir of France, the Choirs of the South. An extraordinary training that gathered for the occasion 1000 choristers, all united behind the voice of Chimène Badi for 2 truly exceptional shows.
    At the technical organization of the event, Pan Pot deployed the big game. If on the lighting side we found the kit of big shows with 10 Starway DataKolor, on the video side it was the big day for the first performance of the new video screens StarPanel of Starway: 2 screens of 5 x 3 m for a total of 120 new generation modules.
    "Just arrived in the park, immediately on stage. For their first outing, we had only fun! Transport and installation easy and fast, less than 2h30. As these are screens that we will also use outdoors, we have just lowered their brightness to allow the broadcast on each side of the stage and everyone was able to appreciate their impressive broadcast quality", François Ducarouge, technical director of Pan Pot.
  • Under the Magnum Sun

    What's more natural than a sunset on the Seine! But when it comes to mastering it is a different story. And when the Parisian agency UBI-BENE sells it to MARTINI for 8 days ... it is Magnum who finds the solution.
    The goal was to create a large light source, round and uniform, which could be graduated and able to change of color. After performing several tests with his client, Magnum realized that to be dazzling, it had to be 15 times brighter than a full-day screen. The only product that met all these issues was the Starway DataKolor.
    "We first made a small model of 16 DataKolor which gave us full satisfaction. We then embarked on the big adventure, assembling more than 177 Datakolor to make a sun of 8m in diameter. The two problems encountered were to design a mechanical assembly and find a solution to make these projectors waterproof, which was not easy (we even cut some DataKolor). In the end, everyone was fully satisfied, under the Magnum Sun ... ", Jérôme Chupin, Magnum's Managing Director.
    Starway, radiant brand...


  • Seen on Television

    During the summer, France Television has changed the scenery and the light of many of its TV studios to accommodate the 9 new programs of the season, including the news of the 13h and 20h, political broadcasts, the weather forecast and several other programs.
    On this occasion, the TV lighting integrator Eurolight System delivered its 10,000th LED projector by offering more than 60 Starway SticKolor 1210UHD for the lighting of sets and backgrounds particularly highlighted in the show "It's in the Air".
    "The power and capabilities of the SL PunchLite 220's power zoom, as well as the reduced size and excellent light output of the SticKolor 1210UHD to enhance the scenery, really appeal to users, who are completely satisfied with the performance and quality of light produced by these new references of LED lighting", Frederic Francey, manager of Eurolight System.


  • Anti Aging

    To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the Trust group has programmed 5 Parisian dates in its tour "Au Nom de la Rage". The "Bataclan", The "Bus Palladium", The "Maroquinerie", The "Trianon" and the "Elysée Montmartre" have been exalted to the legendary hymns of the rock band for the pleasure of an audience that is not aging.
    The new lighting provider Rayflection orchestrating the lighting with a choice of new performance-oriented machines, including 6 Servo Color 10K  moving heads, 2 LiveKolor HD and 4 StormLite HD stroboscopes. 
    "We have been Starway fans since the first hour. With Starway's new StormLite HD, we've discovered much more than a stroboscope, a true wallwasher that creates atmospheres and layers of beautiful depth and stunning colors. A new kit that we take with us on the whole tour ", Arthur Oudin and Pascal Maltese, partners of Rayflection.
    Starway, anticipate...


  • V...IP

    At the gates of Nice, the city of Saint-Laurent-du-Var offers visitors the charm of an authentic village and the animation of a seaside resort. A commune which is winner of many awards for its remarkable quality of life, including the Living Environment Development, Acting for Energy and the Regional Tourism Innovation Award.
    Its Town Hall now appears in a new light thanks to an architectural highlight created by Megawatt Sono. This new permanent installation incorporates 24 Starway ParKolor 120HD projectors, specially coated with low-temperature paint in the colors of the facades. Spread over more than 80 linear meters of buildings, in addition to 15 m of Tapekolor LED strips, all controlled by E-Soft Pro software.
    "This achievement highlights the trust we have placed in the Starway brand for many years. It allowed us to sign here a magnificent lighting made entirely with products of the brand including the ParKolor 120HD, which seduced us by the performance of its zoom and its innovative color control system", Christian Ellena, manager of MegaWatt Sono.
    Starway, IP lighting...


  • Reborn in LED

    The Phoenix group gave on September 29 its only and unique concert in France at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris. A highly anticipated live by the French electronic music and pop rock band, awarded with a Grammy Award for Best Independent Album.
    As a tour provider, S Group strives to technically perfect an innovative scenography designed by Pierre Claude, light designer and console operator for the entire international tour, which, following the advice of Léon van Empel, CEO of S Group, has discovered and adopted the new Star Star StrongLite HD stroboscopes.
    "At the first briefing with the artists about the light design, I first realized that the project was going to be complicated. The idea was to play on a huge video floor of 11m x 9m reflected by a mirror of 11m x 10m itself inclined at 45 °. The light had to be discreet and out of the question to hang on or use the festival bridges hidden by this gigantic backdrop.
    My choice for stroboscopes was then turned to a classic model.
    At the time I was not convinced by what was done in LED; some did not have enough power, dimmer curves and colors were approximate, there was no random, they were too heavy and unsightly ... With a group of this size, we play as much in clubs only in the biggest festivals of the world like headliner: the power must follow.
    During the tour in Asia (without our kit), I was forced to use LED strobes, which allowed me to question my choice. I then asked my friend Leon van Empel what he had to offer me. He recommended me some Stronglite HD from Starway, a brand I did not know much about, but everything seemed to be on the technical sheet.
    I give full confidence to the choices and proposals of S Group, we then did the test on the next date (a few days before Paris). I was immediately charmed. The machines are discreet with incredible power, the dimmer and the colors are fine, and my technicians are delighted. We have in all 5 Stronglite HD against the light of the mirror, 5 against the light, and 8 in the side.
    Perfect for an Arena! I leave so confident for the big festivals", Pierre Claude, light designer.
    Starway, HD brand.



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